Course Overview

It is an important part of fire protection to have a dedicated fire warden at work. Only a fire warden can work with the employer to ensure fire safety measures are taken effectively. The fire marshal course will provide you with the training required to become a trained fire warden. It will teach you about your legal responsibilities, help you understand the fire, acquaint you with fire hazards and fire safety plans, and explain what your procedures for emergency evacuation should include.

What you'll learn?

  • Methods of escape
  • Cost of fire damage
  • Combustion principles
  • Roles and responsibilities of a fire marshal
  • Fire precautions rules
  • Fire detection and warning
  • Usage of firefighting equipment
  • Spread of fire and smoke
  • Fire risk assessment

Who Should Attend?

This fire marshal course is ideal for everyone in their workplace who would also take on the role of a fire warden. It can be taken by anyone at any level and prior expertise is not necessary. Precisely, if said this course is sufficient for:

  • people those who are responsible for monitoring the fire protection
  • anyone who demands to learn how to use an extinguisher
  • designated fire marshals
  • team leaders, head of departments, or supervisors

Entry Requirements

Candidates are not expected to have any advanced experience or fire safety credentials to allow them to take part in this fire marshal course. Though, it is recommended that applicants can pursue this certification with a minimum level 1 in Literacy/English, or equivalent. Also, the candidates must be 14 years or older.


On the next working day, you are sent a quality assured certificate of fire marshal course validated by the British Red Cross for three years via the post upon successful completion of the course. However, the renewal duration for this certificate is 3 years, dependent on industry best practice guidelines.

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