Course Overview

As the name suggests, the fire safety awareness course helps the learners learn how they can deal with the fires when in the workplace. It emphasised on knowing more about fire hazards and the importance of learning fire prevention. After you complete this course you will be able to understand the three very important components which are required to produce fire (i.e. fire triangle). It also helps them to know how to operate during the event of a fire hazard, learn the evacuation procedures, and choose the most suitable fire extinguisher.

What you'll learn?

  • Fire rescue activities in buildings
  • Types and methods of operating fire extinguishers
  • Specific pointers on personal safety measures
  • Basic concepts and behaviour of fire
  • Popular types of protection systems and fire detection
  • Common fire hazards in buildings, and their prevention
  • Causes of fire hazards
  • Emergency evacuation procedures

Who Should Attend?

Fire safety awareness course would help all those who choose to have a general fire protection foundation and an awareness of occupational health & safety regulations, or those who want to undertake more relevant fire safety roles. Some of the employees who need to learn this course are the safety committee, fire warden, in-house firefighting team, and security personnel.

Entry Requirements

Applicants are not expected to have any advanced experience or fire safety credentials for taking up this fire safety awareness course. It is advised that applicants pursue this certification with a minimum level 1 in Literacy/English or equivalent.


Once this fire safety awareness course is completed, applicants are presented with a City & Guilds approved certificate which is valid for three years. They would then undergo another course to receive another three-year credential.

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